Page 1: Papageno 

Page 2: Metropolitan Opera at night

(Photo credit: Joan Kretschmer)

Page 4: Visual Catalogue and Resident Quartet

Page 6: Mozart's head with gifts

Page 8: First page of orchestral score of

The Magic Flute

Page 11: Yona in her seatbelt in the

Flights of Fancy

Page 13: Columbus Circle and the

Flights of Fancy

(Photo credit: Joan Kretschmer)

Page 14: Flights of Fancy at

The Metropolitan Opera, daytime

(Photo credit: Joan Kretschmer)

Page 15: Prince Tamino and the Serpent

Page 17: Papageno with lock on his mouth

and the three magical ladies

Page 18: Queen of the Night with diamonds

Page 19: Drawing of the magic flute

and its music

Page 21: Pamina in her portrait and full-length

Page 23: Drawing of a Glockenspiel that creates the music of Papageno's bells

Page 24: The Kingdom of Sarastro

Page 24: Sarastro

Page 25: Page of Three's

Page 27: Papageno and Papagena

singing "Pa-Pa"

Page 30: Choice Bank Robbery on Broadway and jewel in the pocket

Page 32: Drawing of the John Brook Music Festival at Joe Green